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Associated Banks motion for summary judgment. . Question 31: Cook gave Gary Saunders.8 million to purchase the Panama Bay land, yet the sellers of the land received only.7 million, according to the Receiver's Third Status Report. You would not share it with the other victims. Please note that although these criminal charges and pleas stem from the same Ponzi scheme at issue in the SEC and cftc cases in which the Receiver was appointed, the Receiver is not involved in the criminal actions. Here again, we are working to maximize the value of these investments for return to the investors although we cannot speculate at this time about what that value will. Based on information investors have communicated to the Receiver, it appears that. In the final accounting, all investor claims will be adjusted to ensure that everyone, employee or not, receives an equal pro rata share in proportion to the amount that they have actually lost. This matter has received extensive media coverage in the Twin Cities and also national coverage by CNN and the New York Times. As of today, the answer to these questions.

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Please note, the deadline for submitting a claim to the Receiver for civil restitution has passed. Because the ultimate payout of the Receiverships claim in the PFG bankruptcy is unknown, it is, by definition, a risk. Question 101: Statements and statutes in the complaint indicate the Justice Department claims they intend to seek forfeiture of any other property of said defendants up to the value of the above forfeitable property. On minage crypto monnaie et revenue the Banks first two points, the Receiver illustrated how the evidence, when taken as a whole, shows both the Banks actual knowledge and substantial assistance of the underlying wrongful acts. . Cook confirmed that he sent the investors money to Crown Forex, jdfx, Mesa Holdings, JP Fund Services, Capricorn, Oxford Global Managed Futures Fund, various Panamanian entities, various other Swiss entities, and a number of offshore gambling accounts. Was collected from files the Receiver seized from Van Dusen and Tiffany Court reflecting over 1200 applicants to the currency program. We have interviewed. Courthouse, 316 North Robert Street,. We plan to file a motion seeking permission from the Court to distribute the Swiss funds in the next few weeks. My position has not changed from the start of the Receivership and there has been no change in circumstances. All hearings and filings in this case are public.

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