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it into the correct data fields required by a TR, reviews for errors and then submits it on behalf of their clients. At the same time, the increased use of Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) and FX netting should reduce the need for a wholesale shift to clearing. Where the process becomes tricky is understanding how a firm's own trade records fit within the data fields required by the TR as information is often called different things by different companies. As our members operate globally, dealing with a variety of separate regulatory regimes brings additional costs and operational risk.

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Background, following the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008/09 that exposed risk related to over-the-counter (OTC) trades, financial regulators around the world created a framework of OTC derivative reporting requirements by financial firms. But what exactly is emir and why do I need an automated solution? It also called on the Commission to adopt an implementing act clarifying the ambit of FX transactions encompassed by MiFID. Not all of these will be excluded from scope under the Draft MiFID II FX Regulation and so, if that Regulation is adopted, the ambit of the FX contracts treated as in-scope in Ireland will expand once MiFID II takes effect on The position regarding. In this process, firms will use solutions from a technology company such as Cappitech, or build it themselves. It is extremely rare, outside of liquidity providers, for the spot market to be used for speculative purposes. Question 5: What have been the main developments in the FX market since the implementation of MiFID? Employing over 290,000 people in the UK alone, the insurance industry is also one of this country s major exporters, with 28 of its net premium income coming from overseas business. However, as mentioned above, the Central Bank has stated that its guidance regarding the FX contracts that are in-scope for emir reporting purposes is likely to remain unchanged at least until the Commission indicates whether and how it might use powers due to be conferred. Where there are divergent approaches, what problems do these create? The use of a non-deliverable approach, generally signifies that the forward is being used for financial hedging purposes. Further, FX trades (whether near dated transactions or otherwise) that are primarily designed to cover known liabilities or expected receipts should not be classed in the same way as a true financial instrument.